How to Upload Pictures to Craigslist

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. If you don’t post pictures on your craigslist ads then you are doing it wrong!

The truth is that it’s so common these days to have a picture along with your posting that if you don’t have that little yellow word “pic” or “img” after your title, many people won’t even bother looking. When you are buying something online you want to know what you are getting and if you can’t see it, you then have to just take the sellers word for it. That’s especially dangerous when you’re dealing with used stuff.

There is no excuse to not have any photos at all. If you don’t have a camera, your cell phone probably does, and if it doesn’t I guarantee someone you know has one with a camera. I know 90-year-old grandmas and 5-year-old children with camera phones so find a way to upload photos on your ad at all costs, even if it’s just a basic one on Craigslist’s default photo uploader.

If for some preposterous reason you can’t take a photo yourself, I suppose the next best thing you can do is to try and find a photo online of the same thing you’re selling. If you do this just make sure you specify that the photo is not what YOU are selling but it is a similar item.

When you take your photos it is definitely worth putting some thought into it. Make sure your item is clean and looks good in the photos. If you are trying to sell a motorcycle, don’t post a photo of it with a big oil stain on the ground underneath it. Or if you’re going to take a photo of a sofa you’re trying to sell, the least you can do is get rid of that slice of pizza that has been wedged in between the cushions for three weeks.

When you look at your photos just ask yourself, “would I buy this?”

If you’re wondering how to upload photos on craigslist you’re in luck because it’s a really easy process. All you need to do is make an ad with a good title and content then click “continue.” You should be taken to a simple upload form which will allow you to upload several photos and craigslist will display the first one largely on the page. If you upload more than one photo then the others will be displayed to the side as smaller icons that can be clicked and enlarged.

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